Disarming Design

Disarming Desing from Palestine

In autumn 2013 I got the chance to join a two week workshop of the project and design label “Disarming Design from Palestine” founded by Annelys de Vet and Khaled Hourani. This exciting experience had a big influence on my work. The products designed in and for Palestine together with Palestinian manufacturers and designers have been shown in several exhibitions and are purchasable at www.disarmingdesign.ps
It is believed that shutting out light allows people to achieve a deeper level of sleep. During air travel, many sleeping masks are being used to block out light when sleeping. While many people seem to be covering their eyes in relation to the conflict situation in Palestine, these Awakening Goggles are a sleeping mask designed to symbolically make the vision of Palestinian women travel the world and catalyze a broader and open view.
The disengaged observer-suit is made of traditional Palestinian fabric that is extensively used for decorating rooms for international diplomatic meetings, negotiations and press conferences. The foreign observer e.g. a member of ‘United Nations Disengaged Observer Force’ wearing this suit will literally be invisible on such occasions. How disengaged are we, can we be and do we want be as visitors from the west?
In collaboration with Tommy Vasko