Flight Forward

Flight Forward
Welcome To The Flagship Store!

The genuinely new is having hard times. Society is addicted to the superfluously new — new for the sake of newness — producing and consuming aesthetic stimuli without end.
Flight Forward reclaims imagination, exploring creative practices that go beyond enhancing the commodity fetish. Flight Forward fights for the genuinely new, restoring the power of the aesthetic producer. The flagship store offers tools and strategies and a space to play in order to collectively create the genuinely new with shape, colour, sound and structure. Our objects materialize a view to commodities, in order to trigger the imagination of their users. With these, we can immerse ourselves in an atmosphere of chaos and abundance. Branding offers no escape.
Attack is the only way out!

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Graduation project Sandberg Instituut 2014
Think tank for visual strategies
Video manifest and multi media installation
Tessel Brühl (NL) and
Jaroslav Toussaint (DE)